Acne Facial

Acne, the unwelcome visitor that often overstays its welcome on our skin, can be a real confidence dampener. If you’ve been battling breakouts, blemishes, and persistent acne concerns, it’s time to meet your skincare hero – the Acne Facial.

A person lying down receiving a facial treatment at Via Skincare with a thick, grey clay mask applied to their face, excluding the eyes and mouth areas, in a serene spa environment.

Understanding the Acne Facial: Your Ally Against Breakouts

The Acne Facial, often referred to as an “Acne Clearing Facial,” is a specialized skincare treatment meticulously designed to address acne-related issues: blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and painful nodules under the skin. It’s not just about providing a quick fix; it’s about establishing a customized skincare routine tailored to your unique skin type and needs.

Benefits That Banish Breakouts:

Deep Cleansing: The journey begins with a thorough cleansing of your skin to remove impurities, excess oil, and debris. This step sets the stage for more effective treatments.

Exfoliation: Gentle exfoliation helps unclog pores, removing dead skin cells that contribute to acne. It promotes cell turnover, revealing a fresh, clearer complexion.

 Extractions: Skilled esthetician may perform extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads safely. This minimizes the risk of acne development and prevents the spread of infection.

Anti-Inflammatory Masks : Specially formulated masks with ingredients like salicylic acid or sulfur are applied to reduce inflammation and calm irritated skin.

Targeted Serums:  Acne-fighting serums are used to address specific issues such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or active breakouts. These serums help in healing and preventing further acne-related concerns.

LED Light Therapy: Some Acne Facials include LED light therapy, which can kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation, further promoting clear skin.

Hydration and Sun Protection A lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer is applied to maintain skin hydration without clogging pores. Sunscreen is often used to protect the skin from UV damage, which can worsen acne.

The Acne Facial Experience:

Consultation: Your Acne Facial journey begins with a consultation where you discuss your specific acne concerns, skincare routine, and any previous treatments you’ve tried. This helps your esthetician tailor the facial to your needs.

Skin Analysis: A close examination of your skin type, acne type, and severity helps determine the best approach. Your esthetician may identify blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, or cystic acne.

Customized Treatment Plan:  Based on your skin analysis, a personalized treatment plan is crafted, outlining the steps needed to address your acne concerns effectively.

Treatment Implementation:The facial commences with a deep cleansing, followed by exfoliation and extractions, if required. Targeted masks and serums are then applied to soothe and heal your skin.

Post-Treatment Care: After the facial, your esthetician will provide guidance on post-treatment skincare and recommend products to maintain your newly improved complexion.

The Path to Clearer Skin Begins Here:

The Acne Facial isn’t just about addressing surface-level breakouts; it’s about creating a foundation for long-term skin health. Regular treatments can significantly improve acne-prone skin, reduce the risk of future breakouts, and help fade acne scars.

Let us take you on an amazing journey of rejuvenation!

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