Sculptural Facelift Massage

An extremely relaxing treatment that improves skin elasticity, blood circulation, metabolism, and tissue nutrition. As a result, the face comes to life, the skin becomes smooth and radiant, and it appears healthy, toned, and rested.

What is Sculptural Face Lifting (SFL)?

Your facial expressions naturally respond to your emotions – happiness, sadness, stress, anger, and influence how your facial muscles move. That’s where Sculptural Face Lifting comes into play. 

It’s a technique that reshapes the muscles in your face, neck, and décolletage, releasing pent-up emotions stored in those muscles. This natural rejuvenation method is crucial because tension often triggers a constriction of physiological processes within tissues. When tension persists, it can disrupt blood flow, impede the efficient exchange of nutrients and oxygen, and cause the accumulation of metabolic waste products. As we retrain these facial muscles, you’ll notice improved strength, tone, and a balanced facial structure. SFL also pays attention to intra-oral work, known as the Buccal massage technique, targeting support muscles within your mouth through inner mouth massage. This releases tension that causes tightness in your jaw and nasal passages, ultimately enhancing oxygenation to your facial muscles.

Sculptural Facelift Massage, Los Angeles

Key Benefits of SFL:

– Rejuvenates appearance, making you look younger

– Reduces wrinkles and deep folds

– Prevents and reverses signs of aging

– Lifts sagging facial corners and cheeks

– Smooths out “crow’s feet” and forehead wrinkles

– Eliminates under-eye puffiness and dark circles

– Aids in rehabilitation after sinusitis and stroke

Why You'll Love It:

– Achieves a healthy, radiant glow

– Enhances skin texture for a smooth, soft feel

– Releases tension and stress for an overall sense of well-being

What to Expect During the Procedure:

The total duration of the Sculptural Facelift Massage is 60 minutes. It begins with gentle cleansing, sculptural massage technique itself and buccal/ intraoral massage.  During the sculptural massage, your esthetician focuses on “sculpting” the face, improving blood circulation, metabolism, and tissue nutrition.

For longer-lasting effects, we recommend a complete course of 8–10 procedures, ideally once a week, followed by maintenance sessions every month to sustain your results.