Reconstructive Facelift Massage

Are you seeking a natural way to turn back the clock by a decade or more, without the need for surgery, complications, recovery periods, or chemicals? Or perhaps you have a special occasion on the horizon—a wedding, gala, reunion, or another event where you want to look your absolute best. In such instances, consider the transformative benefits of the Reconstructive Facelift Massage.


It’s worth highlighting that the Reconstructive Facelift procedure is what Via Skincare became famous for among Hollywood’s elite, who happen to be clients of Rose, the creator of the Reconstructive Facelift massage. This top-notch massage method  is unparalleled in its holistic approach and remarkable effectiveness.

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What Is Reconstructive Facelift Massage (RFL)?

Reconstructive facelift isn’t your typical massage. It’s not about gently stroking your face to soothing tunes. By targeting deep facial structures such as bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia and subcutaneous fat, Reconstructive Facelift effectively restores tissue at the cellular level, eliminating fibrotic tissue, allowing tissue circulation and thus addressing the root causes of aging, providing natural and long-lasting results. This top-notch massage therapy stands unrivaled in terms of its physiological approach and effectiveness.

The Science Behind the Transformation

As we age, the visible signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging skin, are merely the tip of the iceberg. The real changes occur deep within our facial structures. Our bodies are surrounded by a complex extracellular matrix, much like  a nutrient-rich broth. Every cell in our body resides within this matrix, and its health is a key to both youthfulness and aging.

This matrix consists of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and metalloproteinases. When this matrix becomes compromised due to factors like moisture deficiency, protein glycation, chronic inflammation, UV radiation, and stress, it triggers a series of destructive events. The fluid between cells thickens, causing collagen cross-links. This, in turn, disrupts cellular nourishment, making the matrix less flexible. Healthy tissue gets replaced by dense, fibrous connective tissue. As the disruption in tissue nourishment worsens, so do our well-being and appearance.

To effectively address the impacts of these disturbances, the first step is to remove any obstructions to tissue supply and to establish optimal tissue feeding.

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How Does Reconstructive Facelift Massage Work?

This  specialized massage technique stimulates blood circulation, reawakening your body’s natural ability to nourish and rejuvenate the extracellular matrix. It’s an intensive and results-driven therapy that targets specific areas to improve overall matrix health by breaking down fibrous cross-links, improving fluid exchange, and enhancing cellular nutrition. Whether you want to address age-related changes or simply maintain your youthful look, the Reconstructive Facelift Massage offers natural, long-lasting results.

Benefits of the Reconstructive Facelift Massage

Sagging Jawline: Restores firmness and definition to your jawline, giving you a more youthful profile.
Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines: Softens and minimizes the appearance of those deep lines that can make you look perpetually tired or unhappy.
Forehead Wrinkles: Reduces wrinkles and furrows that can occasionally give the impression of a challenging day.
Double Chin: Tones and sculpts the neck and chin area that may have bothered you for years for a more defined and elegant look.
Bags Under the Eyes and Facial Puffiness: The delicate under-eye area is treated with care and precision, reducing puffiness and minimizing the appearance of bags. Your eyes will appear brighter and more youthful, so you can greet each day with a twinkle in your eye!
Facial Swelling: Eliminates swelling, whether due to age or other factors, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

Benefits Beyond Aesthetic 

The advantages of the Reconstructive Facelift massage extend well beyond aesthetics..

When poor posture and stress team up, they can constrict neck blood vessels, causing spasms that result in headaches, dizziness, worsened inflammation, and even contribute to the development of TMJ dysfunction.

The Reconstructive Facelift massage technique involves manipulation of muscles, ligaments, and fascia in the head and neck, enhancing blood flow. This helps relieve vascular spasms, ensuring better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Furthermore, it triggers the release of endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety.

In summary, the Reconstructive Facelift massage offers a range of benefits promoting relaxation and contributing to your overall well-being.

Who Is The Reconstructive Facelift Massage Good For?

  • Individuals seeking to combat visible signs of aging on their facial and neck areas.
  • Any individual as young as 20 aiming to preserve their youthful appearance over the years.
  • Those in pursuit of a non-surgical alternative to facelifts or dermal fillers.
  • Anyone aspiring to elevate their overall facial health and enhance their natural beauty.

Reconstructive Facelift Massage and Injectables 

Whether you’ve had fillers or Botox injections, you can still enjoy the benefits of the Reconstructive Facelift massage. During your initial consultation, your therapist will ask about the timing and locations of your injections, customizing your session accordingly. It’s completely safe to receive a massage two weeks after a Botox injection. However, if you’re planning to have injections, it’s a good idea to schedule them before your massage. Getting the Reconstructive Facelift massage prior to your Botox treatment can reduce the amount of product needed, offering you added advantages. 

How Is A Typical Reconstructive Facelift Massage Session Structured?

When you arrive, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out. Your specialist will carefully review your answers and then conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand your specific goals for the session. Depending on your desired outcomes, a personalized treatment plan will be devised. A typical session, lasting approximately 60-75 minutes, includes a combination of lymphatic drainage, targeted work on the head and neck, deep muscle manipulation in the facial area, and a buccal/intraoral massage. 

We suggest a series of 8-10 procedures, ideally scheduled once a week, followed by monthly maintenance sessions to preserve your results. For clients interested in further enhancing and prolonging their outcomes, we offer an exclusive Self-Care program that includes simple routines to practice at home. When these routines are complemented with our in-office sessions, the results are truly impressive.

Let us take you on an amazing journey of rejuvenation!

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