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Posture and Aging

Believe it or not your posture has a direct impact on aging. Good posture takes stress off joints and muscles plus it leads to core strength. As we are becoming a more tech-central society, leaning over screens (even a phone) can lead to the dreaded “tech neck”. Your posture determines whether or not you are holding your body correctly and if you are not, gravity can wreak havoc on your skin.

If you keep your head in a flexed position, even if you are reading a (real) book, that flexed position can lead to deep wrinkles in your neck plus sagging skin on your face. If you are not standing up straight, you are not holding your head up thus keeping your neck taut. By keeping your head upright instead of down, think you are defying gravity rather than yielding to it. After all, there is no reason to invite accelerated aging.

Slouched shoulders, hunching over a computer, even looking at a smart phone all contribute to wrinkles thanks to constant (improper) movement. If your back and shoulders are tense, this tension travels to your face thus leading to lined and a furrowed forehead, a main cause of muscle-based lines and wrinkles.

If you work a desk job and constantly hunching over papers plus spend a lot of time in front of a computer, you risk lines and creases on not only your face and neck but also the fragile décolletage area. Good posture can prevent aging by holding your body at the proper angles but by not sitting/standing straight you are contributing to the aging process. While prevention is the best course of action, it is never too late to improve your posture, but it will take some time and therefore, patience.


Rose Minasian is a licensed esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, beginning her career in Israel. She is the creator of the Reconstructive Facelifting (RFL) massage - an effective, non invasive method of aesthetic face and neck correction, based on fundamental knowledge of the biomechanics of facial aging. In Hollywood, where looking your best is not just a personal goal but a job requirement, Rose caught the attention of celebrity actors and models, who have since relied on her assistance to get events, photo shoots and red carpet ready. The time-proven method has had the widest interest among professionals and served as an occasion to start teaching the method to professionals.