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The Skin Stretching Myth

The myth of stretching the skin of the face has become so firmly established in minds that it is not even subjected to critical examination. 

Does your skin stretch after a good body massage or Pilates? Why should this happen to the face, as if we have two different skins with different properties?

The advice “do not touch the skin” is appropriate to give only to a person with a severe endocrine disease – Gottron syndrome. In this case, the skin is similar to parchment paper and literally breaks even with minor impacts.  Blame for this increased production of adrenal hormones – glucocorticoids.  

In all other cases, we, healthy people, were confused with the sick. 

Let’s remember two important properties of the skin – elasticity and firmness. 

Elasticity – the ability of the skin to experience reversible deformation, return to its original size or tighten. The elastin threads contained in the skin can be stretched to several times their normal length.  After removing the load, they return to their original configuration.

Here are convincing examples that it really works this way: morning edema, allergy edema; gradual weight loss; gradual decrease in the musculoskeletal framework of the face.  The skin adjusts to fluctuations in the volumes underneath . 

It is not easy to stretch the skin, it has the ability to resist mechanical stress.  This is well known to surgeons.  For example, when skin is transplanted after a burn, surgeons perform perforation – they make incisions on the skin flap. They perforate the skin precisely because of its ability to contract. 

Firstly, it is really difficult to stretch the flap to the desired size. Second, as the wound heals, it will tighten the edges of the wound and pull healthy tissue along with it, causing the healthy tissue to “wrinkle.”

The skin of the body does not stretch when losing weight either. It simply does not have time to catch up with sudden changes in volume. This is why it’s recommended to lose weight gradually. This principle also applies to the skin of the face. 

In terms of extensibility, functional and morphological characteristics, the skin of the face is  significantly surpasses the skin of the body. 

The skin of the cheek, perhaps is the most elastic. It stretches easily and easily returns to the original level. The skin around the eyes is less elastic compared to the skin of the cheeks, but it is more firm. Therefore, with morning edema, when the edema subsides, the skin returns to its original condition. 

The consequences of not touching the face are deplorable. It is sad that our skin suffers from false beliefs, ignorance and neglect of the basic principles of anatomy and physiology. If we touched the skin from early youth properly, we would look much better as adults.

Our skin is amazing. It is not made of plastic, stone, but of elastic living material. It tightens and comes to life from the massage.  It is in our power to help our skin with the right actions.

  A quality facial massage can do wonders for your skin, so don’t be afraid. Your skin will thank you.


Rose Minasian is a licensed esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, beginning her career in Israel. She is the creator of the Reconstructive Facelifting (RFL) massage - an effective, non invasive method of aesthetic face and neck correction, based on fundamental knowledge of the biomechanics of facial aging. In Hollywood, where looking your best is not just a personal goal but a job requirement, Rose caught the attention of celebrity actors and models, who have since relied on her assistance to get events, photo shoots and red carpet ready. The time-proven method has had the widest interest among professionals and served as an occasion to start teaching the method to professionals.