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The Law of the Unity and Struggle of Opposites

The nature of the human body has an amazing ability to self-heal.  For each process of destruction, a reverse process is provided – regeneration and restoration.  These are two universal, dialectical mechanisms that accompany our lives.

Is it possible to turn back the clock and regain one’s youthful appearance?

Aging is not irreversible. We  can regain our youth, or at least freeze it for decades.  And it is better to start the fight with the acquisition of important knowledge.  Let us turn to the fundamental foundations of the life of the organism.

  Every living organism is subject to basic natural laws.  One of them is the law of unity and struggle of opposites.  Note, In the body, we always see opposite processes: edema – dehydration, hypertension – hypotension, hyperglycemia – hypoglycemia.  For each process of destruction, a reverse process is provided – regeneration and restoration.  These are two universal, dialectical mechanisms that accompany our lives.

For example, when oxidative stress occurred (the accumulation of reactive oxygen species and products of lipid peroxidation in the cell), the body fought back with antioxidants, a natural defense mechanism against reactive oxygen species.

As we know, when tissues or organs are damaged, the regeneration process is activated. When cells are destroyed by aggressive external or internal environmental factors, dystrophy and necrosis occur, and the cells begin to divide more rapidly to compensate for the losses. If cells cannot reproduce for some reason, the body repairs itself through intracellular changes (for example, protein synthesis increases or the number of mitochondria increases). If it is not possible to replace the lost cells, connective tissue forms a scar at the site of the damage.

Thus, for every destruction, the body has a  restoration mechanism in place. But sometimes it stops working for some reason.

Why does the body’s ability to regenerate decline with age? Why do we start to look so bad, with wrinkled and flabby skin? Because we age prematurely. 

Our entire culture, way of life, weakens this mechanism from birth: sedentary living, bad habits, ignoring the need for rest, and information overload leave an indelible imprint of wear and tear on us. Every day, every minute, we introduce dissonance into our bodies’ work: we deny it mobility, good food, adequate sleep, and peace and quiet.

Chronological (or true) aging, which everyone experiences, is primarily caused by internal factors. The main ones are heredity and age-related metabolic changes. Resistance to the genetic factor is not yet possible. Premature (provoked) aging is the accumulation of breakdowns and errors in a person’s “exploitation.” Furthermore, breakdowns are not limited to the cellular or organ levels of the body. They can be psychological in nature: chronic emotional stress, anxiety and depression, a rushed and tense lifestyle.

How big is the role of chronological old age?  The concept of genetic determinism leads us to believe that we are victims of our own biology and that our genes have tremendous power over health and youth.  Now everything is explained by genes – from diabetes to a tendency to laziness. However, lifestyle plays a crucial role.

When the processes of destruction begin to prevail over the processes of restoration, we inevitably begin to age.  It doesn’t happen overnight. Step by step we lead the body to decrepitude. 

No wonder the body responds with back pain and muscle cramps, swollen legs and a double chin.  

So what should we do? Paradoxically, if we want to improve our health and appearance, we should do the exact opposite of what we are doing now:  move more, eat right, get enough rest and choose the facial treatments carefully. 

To get on the path to rejuvenation, it is important to understand what is meant by rejuvenation.  This is the launch of the natural regeneration of the body, as a result of which damaged cells, tissues and organs are restored, and their structure and functions return to the parameters of their former, younger age.

Unfortunately, almost everything on the esthetic market today does not delay, but rather accelerates aging by interfering with the self-regulation mechanism.

Here in Via Skincare all procedures are done with the aim of restoring the health of the face at the cellular level, and the record holder in this is the Reconstructive Facelift massage. 

This is a scientifically proven system for restoring appearance, triggering regenerative reactions, and eliminating deep-seated damage at the muscular, nervous, vascular, and even cellular levels. It helps to bring back to life the disturbed functions of the body, and hence youth.


Rose Minasian is a licensed esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, beginning her career in Israel. She is the creator of the Reconstructive Facelifting (RFL) massage - an effective, non invasive method of aesthetic face and neck correction, based on fundamental knowledge of the biomechanics of facial aging. In Hollywood, where looking your best is not just a personal goal but a job requirement, Rose caught the attention of celebrity actors and models, who have since relied on her assistance to get events, photo shoots and red carpet ready. The time-proven method has had the widest interest among professionals and served as an occasion to start teaching the method to professionals.